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Jenkem The First 10 Years Book

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To celebrate 10 years of Jenkem, we dug through our archives, sifted through hard drives, and checked under our mattresses to pull our greatest hits, misses, and almosts. Altogether, it became this commemorative printed photo gallery, filled with behind-the-scenes flicks, drunken memories, and random office trinkets we’ve collected over our first 10 years in operation.

You may recognize a small handful of moments buried in the pages but if you’re new here, know that this is a taste of a world we’ve been able to create thanks to you, the reader, and to the brave advertisers who were down to work with a brand named after a mythical poop drug.

The final product is an 8.5” x 11” collectible magazine, 160 pages in length, limited to 500 copies, to be sold exclusively at skate shops around the world. We won’t be selling any of them direct on the site so if this sounds up your alley, make sure to bug your local shop so they buy some copies. Once they are gone, that’s it.

Printing costs were insane with inflation, but thankfully Vans was down to step in and help us with some of the printing costs to turn it into a reality. Many thanks to them and to everyone who has ever watched our videos, awkwardly said hi in the streets, invited us to your party, bought our merch, cared, or took a chance on us.

Every week for the last 10 years we’ve had the opportunity to tell stories about other people, other events and other companies. Now it feels appropriate to share some of our own.

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