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Laurent Dagenais Always Hungry! The Cookbook Hardcover

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Laurent Dagenais

"Laurent's attention to detail and wholesome choice of ingredients reminds me of some of the greatest Michelin-star chefs I know. His food and personality are just gorgeous." -- Nadia Caterina Munno, New York Times bestselling author of The Pasta Queen

"I love this book. Laurent burst onto the scene like a breath of fresh air and brings FUN into the home kitchen!" -- David McMillan, award-winning restaurateur and bestselling author of Joe Beef: Surviving the Apocalypse

"Laurent's food is fun, exciting, accessible and delicious. If you're always hungry, this cookbook is the key to that craving. It will have a permanent place in your kitchen." -- Dennis Prescott, bestselling author of Eat Delicious

"Laurent inspires me with his food and style. What an absolute legend!" -- Andy Hearnden, chef and creator of Andy Eats

"Laurent Dagenais is simply exceptional. Unique and creative, he is one of the few people who impress and inspire me. Not many manage to innovate successfully in social media circles as he has done. Known around the world today, he is an industry leader for whom the best is yet to come. This book is part of that process an absolute must that will make your mouth water! A true talent!" -- Martin Picard, award-winning restaurateur and author of Au Pied de Cochon

Chef and social media phenom Laurent Dagenais never imagined that he would one day leave his job in the restaurant business to devote himself exclusively to creating online cooking videos. His nearly wordless clips ooze a cool confidence in the kitchen, with Laurent serving up next-level food, accompanied by a drink and impeccably selected music. Millions of people are following along for the ride.

Now in his highly anticipated debut cookbook Always Hungry! Laurent shares some of his favorite recipes for the first time, including twenty that have gone viral (cue the incredible tacos al pastor, grilled octopus and signature beef tartare). Appealing to both amateur and more advanced cooks alike, you'll find over 70 recipes ranging from elevated everyday meals like mushroom risotto to showstoppers like prime rib with garlic escargots. He's also got you covered on salads, soups, sandwiches, fish, desserts and drinks. (Did somebody say Fun Punch?)

This book gives voice to the energetic online presence you know and love. Laurent dips into the vault to share stories and family snapshots, his love of Montreal and -- of course -- out-of-this world food photography. Welcome to his wacky universe.

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