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Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Series 15 Mike Mcgill Deck - 10″ x 30.58″

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Mike McGill absolutely killed it in the ’80s, he is largely famous for inventing a McTwist. It’s a vert aerial front flip with 540-degree rotation. Not to shabby to land one of those today!

He got into skateboarding very early and he went to California to skate with Stacy Peralta when he was 12. With an impressive arsenal of grind and slide tricks, but also innovative inverts and big airs, Mike McGill was a perfect fit for Bones Brigade.

Mike McGill have earned his reputation by inventing tricks ahead of their time, and combining them in his flowy runs. This deck is an extremely close replica of the original Mike McGill boards that helped him to push transition to the next level.

Built close to the original specifications, these boards are undeniably some of the closest reissues to the originals you will ever find from any brand.

This deck features concave similar to the original. With a mold designed to give a great old school feel to Powell’s impressive reissue line up, this Mike McGill deck will have you feeling like your back in the ’80s again!

The mold features functional design and is a strict single kick. It is also made of higher quality materials which do not fluctuate over time, giving skaters a more consistent deck to its true form. Grab this Mike McGill 15th Series Powell board! It will serve its purpose of slashing and flying above coping or look good on your wall!

  • Deck width: 10″
  • Deck length: 30.58″
  • Wheelbase: 15.2″ 
  • Nose spec: 4.13″
  • Tail spec: 6.2″
  • Mike McGill signature deck
  • White Colorway
  • Legendary Bones Brigade Series 
  • Limited Quantity 
  • Concave: SP3
  • Deck Shape: 215
  • 7-Ply Hardrock Maple
  • Old School Hole pattern
  • Perfect for any collector!

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