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Spitfire Reynolds Soft Sliders Formula Four 93D Classics Natural - 53mm

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Introducing the Spitfire Formula Four 93D Soft Sliders, a formula developed by skateboarding icon Andrew Reynolds. These wheels offer controlled slides and reliable grip, thanks to their soft durometer rating and high-rebound compound.

Controllable smooth slide and reliable grip. Soft duro with high rebound compound absorbs more impact and vibrations. Unmatched F4 flatspot resistance. Holds speed over any surface.

Classic Shape: The number 1 wheel shape in skateboarding. Medium width riding surface with round sidewalls. Designed for control in all situations.

Measures 53mm in diameter with a 33mm width and 16mm riding surface.

• The most controllable and consistent sliding soft wheel out.

• Soft Duro combined w/ High Rebound compound absorbs more impact & vibrations - easier on your body for longer sessions.

• Holds speed through even the roughest terrain.

• Reliable grip when you need it.

• Unmatched Formula Four flatspot resistance.

Product Code: 21110356AR53

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