Vans x Frog Skateboards Short Sleeve Button Shirt - White

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Vans x Frog Skateboards

100% cotton poplin button shirt with chest pocket and embroidered Vans Logo


In a land where Vans meet Frog <3 


About Frog Skateboards 

Chris Milic and Jesse Alba's Frog Skateboards is a company known for being equally impenetrable and totally accessible.

Skateboarding is all about fun and doing what you like. That’s what everybody will tell you. But then in the end, most people are too scared to really do what they like and just follow the trend, don’t take risks, and try to look cool. Chris Milic and Jesse Alba are one of the few that truly don’t give a shit. They don’t care about being pro skaters and don’t try to make Frog the biggest skateboard company in the world. They prefer doing childish doodle art, piss hippie jumps, and just being a bit weird. Pretty loveable, isn’t it?

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