Creature VX Wilkins 8.8"

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Creature Skateboard

8.8in x 32.5in Wilkins Infinite VX Deck

Perhaps only the infinite cosmos knows the secrets of Jimmy Wilkin's feet on a skateboard? Creature tried to capture the mystery with his new cosmic graphic aptly titled 'Infinite' on his favorite 8.8 creature shape. Jimmy's new pro-model also features the latest and greatest VX construction that is thinner, stronger, and perfect for decks on the bigger side. Each VX deck is constructed with five plys of North American Maple and reinforced by two layers of Quad X Technology material on either side. Making these decks thinner, stronger, and best of all, a longer-lasting pop. Sound tech? Well, 'cause it kind of is. We are proud to exploit our resources in the name of skateboarding science to help further your Shredding. Jump on a Creature VX Deck today and see for yourself why VX is "The best skateboard deck you will ever ride." Art by Wyrmwalk.

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